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Willow Park Wines & Spirits was acquired from the Alberta Liquor Control Board on March 4th, 1994 during the privatization of Alberta’s liquor industry. Entrepreneur and founder Wayne Henuset was more interested in the 33,000 square foot retail space than the products inside. He soon enlisted Peggy Perry, who already had over 10 years’ experience in the wine industry, as Vice President of Purchasing & Marketing. With retail, wholesale, and educational departments, Willow Park Wines & Spirits places customer service at the forefront of our business.

Positioning ourselves as Trusted Experts, Willow Park Wines & Spirits was quickly acknowledged as Canada’s authority on all things wine, beer, and spirits related. After purchasing historic bottles from Napa Valley, establishing Canada’s first Bordeaux and Scotch Futures program, and collecting rare and personalized bottles from producers around the world, our company gained international recognition for our contributions to the liquor industry.

Beyond our incomparable product selection, we provide our customers with opportunities to Taste, Learn, and Enjoy with us. We offer international travel opportunities through WP Tours with our Trusted Expert team, industry led Master Classes, walkabout festivals, and pairing classes for every level of consumer.

In 2001, we founded The Vintage Fund in order to directly support local charities and organizations. To date, we have raised over $5 million thanks to events, generous donations from our partners, and our successful Willow Park Wines & Spirits Charity Wine Auction. Through the formation of our fund, our continued involvement as sponsors for local events, and frequent in-kind donations, our dedication to the community sets us apart from other retailers.

Willow Park Wines & Spirits has grown into an entrepreneurial success story, and we contribute much of our success to the genuine relationships we have built with our customers, employees, suppliers, and community.

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